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After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to move my original posts from Tumblr to WordPress. I needed flexible editing, navigation, and customization that Tumblr simply couldn’t provide. However, I still love being able to interact with my followers through Tumblr’s askbox and messaging systems, so I’ve combined the best of both worlds! So from now on…

Original reference posts can be found on WordPress.

All my advice posts are now consolidated into one clean and professional place. They’ll be edited regularly to contain more advice as I find them. The new menus, categories, and search functions make my posts easier to navigate than ever. You can even sign up to get them delivered right to your email.

Follower interactions (asks, feedback, fanmail, etc) can be found on Tumblr.

This is where I respond to all questions and conundrums. If you have post requests, testimonials, burning questions (school-related or not), or just want to be friends, my Tumblr ask is the place for you! Even if you don’t want to send anything, I answer lots of reader questions and address individual problems, so it’s worth taking a peek to see if anything there can help you. I’ll also make Tumblr posts linking back to every new WordPress post, so don’t worry about missing out if you’re a loyal Tumblr follower!

I hope this new system will make it easier for you to find the content you’re looking for. Thank you all for supporting me thus far and making this big change with me!