Do you have any tips/advice for ___?

Please use the search, category, and tags function on both this site and my Tumblr blog to find the topic you’re interested in. Google is a pretty nifty tool too. But since this blog is relatively new, there’s a good chance I haven’t written about what you’re looking for, so keep reading to find out how to request a post.

Can you write a post about ____?

If you’ve done a search and didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can send post requests through my Tumblr askbox or contact page. I try my best to fulfill all requested posts that deal with topics I have experience in, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be published in the timespan that you need them.

Can you help me with my unique situation?

I can try! Please send all individual issues, personal problems, vents, etc. to my Tumblr ask. This would include things such as figuring out which study method is best for you as an individual, dealing with a parent/friend/teacher, book recommendations, or words of motivation.

Why haven’t you answered my ask?

I try to check and reply to my Tumblr inbox on a daily basis. If I’m going to be away from Tumblr for a while, I’ll update my description to let you know it could be a while before I respond. Questions about academics and serious personal issues will be prioritized while asks like “tell me about yourself” and “what are your favorite books?” might be answered later. If you’ve asked something that’s in this FAQ or that can be resolved with a simple Google search, I may not respond at all. Same goes if you’re asking me to check out/rate/follow your blog.

However, if I haven’t answered a legitimate question in several days and I’m still active on Tumblr, there might’ve been some technical issues with your ask. If this is the case, feel free to send a message describing the original ask and (politely) asking me if I can take a look at it. Please do not spam me by sending the same ask multiple times.

What’s the difference between your WordPress and Tumblr?

Explained here.

I like your blog! How can I support Noteology?

Follows, likes, shares, reblogs, feedback, and encouragement are always very much appreciated! Telling me you’ve benefitted from my posts lets me know which topics are the most useful to my audience so I can keep my content relevant. You can send me a Tumblr ask/message to spread some love and make my day. :)

If your question has not been addressed in this FAQ, I’d be very happy to hear from you in my Tumblr ask or contact page!